Getting into Unity

WastedLand // 2019

Rubbish and waste are becoming a bigger environmental issue every day as landfills take up valuable space on our planet. This project intends to make the viewer more aware of their impact on this issue and encourages change.

Recycling is a starting point however plastic isn’t the only material that needs recycling, items like furniture can also be upcycled and reused.

In this fantasy 3D world, you have the opportunity to encounter a representative landfill in a 360-degree view using VR leading you to feel overwhelmed and panicked. There is also a second scene which you can get to by using the controller to jump of the edge of the platform. The second scene tackles the fantasy solutions I imagined where a landfill is an open public space where furniture can be picked and reused and food is turned into compost for gardeners.

Oculus Rift Headset// Xbox 360 controller // Monitor // Made in Unity