Sense & Sensibility

AI Album Covers // 2020

AI Album Covers is a work which investigates how machine learning and artificial intelligence could potentially interpret female album covers. I was curious to find out what the machine would generate based on a wide range of album covers by female artists. I was not looking to create realistic images reminiscent of human faces instead by training my machine learning model with a limited amount of training steps I was able to achieve outcomes stripped of the sexual objectification of women which is very often dominant in the music industry. The results are very far from Western beauty standards and not what our society would label as ‘pretty’.

To take this work further I wanted to briefly explore how these generated images could create music. I allocated and mapped certain tones to colour values and by scanning each pixel in an image the result was a short melody. I then further re-mixed these melodies to create 30sec ‘songs’ in turn collaborating with the machine. The titles of the songs and some of the ‘lyrics’ were generated by machine learning models trying to make sense of these generated images. The final outcome was a mock-up of an AI streaming service on a website containing 3 ‘songs’.

Runway ML // // Adobe Audition // Wix website builder
To view the streaming site CLICK HERE!